I have had the pleasure of knowing Rob for a couple of years now, he always has the kids best interest at heart! Rob has great passion and work ethic when it comes to teaching baseball and has put together a good baseball program for the youth of Prescott!
— Brook Jacoby | Toronto Blue Jays Major League Hitting Coach
I have had the pleasure of knowing Rob Chriss for the past 16 years. I have worked with him in a number of capacities. His organizational skills are always well thought out and in tune with whatever the task is at hand. He is punctual and always conducts himself in a professional manner.

We have worked together as baseball coaches in a number of situations including teams and numerous camps. People consist of a wide variety of personalities. Rob has demonstrated many qualities I admire. They are honesty, strong work ethic, adjustments to enhance improvement, sportsmanship and a strong desire to succeed.

Rob Chriss is an outstanding individual. I would not hesitate to recommend him for whatever the position may be
— Orv Franchuk | Former Minor League Hitting Coordinator Oakland A’s, Boston Red Sox & Houston Astros
Rob Chriss has always been a student of the game. He constantly searches for the latest and most effective baseball techniques to improve his vast baseball knowledge. You will not find a more dedicated and passionate coach who can provide a baseball player with the tools to advance their game to the next level in such an understanding and relatable way.
— Trevor Oaks | Kansas City Royals Pitcher
Rob Chriss combines a sound fundamental baseball background with a passion for teaching the game and a patient approach in its application to the players.
— Joe Lefebvre | Senior Advisor, Major League Scout San Francisco Giants
Rob and I have been doing camps and friends for many years. I have had the pleasure to really have great conversations of ‘What can we contribute to baseball players young and old?’ Being in his clinics and hitting camps, I really feel that he has hit the mark. The name Process Driven is the key to improvement in all players. He has passion in teaching the process of the game, keeps players improving, and striving to be the best. He puts his heart and soul into his teaching and that is what fuels him to give all he can every day!
— Lee Tinsley | Former Major League Hitting Coach with the Cincinnati Reds and 29 years of Professional Baseball
I have known Rob for many years and am impressed with Rob’s special way of communicating the game of baseball and teaching hitting. The name “Process Driven” fits perfectly with how the game should be practiced and played. I am excited for the youth who attend Rob’s Academy as they will be taught the game of Baseball the correct way.
— Don Wakamatsu | Bench Coach Texas Rangers
A tireless worker and quintessential student of the game, Rob brings infectious passion and energy to all things baseball. His desire to get the most out of each of his players physically is exceeded only by his desire to cultivate their growth as individuals and help prepare them for all facets of life.
— Jason Cooper | Special Assignment Scout Chicago Cubs
Great Camp in a Great Indoor Center! Exceptional Instruction, coaches, and drills. I’d recommend this camp to all area baseball and softball players of all levels.
— Bill & Jodi Weber
Chase looks forward to PDBA every time he knows he’s going there. rob and orv are true professionals and know how to teach young athletes. i wish they were in chandler!
— steve buchmeier